Call Only Campaign - A Google Adword Update
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Call Only Campaign - A Google Adword Update!!!

Internet is going to be an essential part of our life and we utilize it in a very efficient way to make our daily life easier. We commence our most of the tasks by using internet and be present online most of the time to fulfill our needs of daily life as well as cater our business requirement and balance  personal and professional life.

Google AdWord provides you the platform to display your advertisement on Google and also on their supporting partners. Many people know about it and use it effectively to enhacne their business engaging new and old customers.

Call only campaign.

Google recently update a new feature by the name of “Call only Campaign” for the business owners whose business mostly works on mobile phones and internet. In this new featured “Call only Campaign” you can find the potential customers when you designing your campaign with this feature. We will design your campaign in a way that your advertisement will pop up with the description of your business in short along with your phone number, URL, and an extension of CALL button which is highlighted separately.

Google described it as a uniquely designed for the business owners whose base for the customers is phone calls instead of any online contact form.

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