Avoid these Common Mistakes to Improve your WordPress
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Avoid these Common Mistakes to Improve your WordPress

In this world everyone commits mistakes. Brandon Mull says “Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.” So let’s try to be sharp and learn not to make mistakes repeatedly. Here we will share some common mistakes that people are facing with lot of security concern with WordPress Optimization (WordPress Website). We need to identify and begin to attempt and solve the real issues to save our time. Here are some of the precautions:


1. Not Upgrading WordPress:

Always try to work with latest version. But default WordPress will tell us which version of the software it is running in the source code. The problem with this is when hackers discover a vulnerability this makes it very easy for them to get a list of blogs running the vulnerable version to attack. To remove it, just login as admin and go to Functions.php and add this line of code at the end before the closing ?> tag- remove_action(‘wp_head’, ‘wp_generator’);


<ptext-align: center;"="">  Try to Update

2. Using a Common Password “admin”:

While installing wordpress, users never change the user name & password and use default user name “admin”. This will increase the chance to hack your site. make sure while installing WordPress change the user name and passwords.


3. Not Creating Regular Backup’s:

We advise all the users that you should try to take backup on daily basis or mostly when you do any update in your website. You should also make sure the database backup is not corrupt.


4. Installing Unnecessary Plug-in:

It seems so many times the users do not adhere to this mindset. They install plug-in for trial but don’t use and in many cases the users do not deactivate them. Always try to put only those plug-in which are important and secure to your website. Because some good plug-in helps to protect your site.

5. Publish Incomplete Page

Beginners often publish their webpage before they complete the page.

“As a rule, you should never link to any page that is not complete. Doing so will alienate visitors and give the impression that you are not taking your website seriously.”

6. Keep away your Login Page Form the Author Archive:

WordPress login username can be leaked quite easily via author archive page’s permalink.


By changing user_nickname to something very different from your real login user-name, so it becomes more difficult to figure out that what the login username is.

7. Not Using Permalinks:

If developers don’t use permalinks then their pages open with default URL structure: /?p=123. Not only this is bad for SEO, but for users also.


8. Using Free themes:

Most of the developers used free themes so we strongly suggest that don’t try to use free or defective themes even if the theme is very attractive. It is better to hire a designer and make a rocking website design or buy a professional theme. Three things you should keep in mind when you design or purchase theme for your website – the eye catchy, ease for use & a reputed company.

9. Using the Default Fevicon

Favicons are very little icons that displays beside your web site identify in the visitor window. Many newcomers absolutely ignore their favicons. The fevicon is recognizing as the identity card of your website. To give more professional look tries to use fevicons.

10. Not Optimizing Your Website

When you are installing WordPress, it gives you a choice to counteract search engine bots through indexing your web site. During the development stages, users usually follow this. The problem is that to neglect uncheck which indicates their particular web site never gets indexed. Except this some points are which you try to optimize:

1. Add SEO Plug-in like: All SEO & Yoast

2. Try to post Meta’s

3. All Images are Optimized

4. Website loading speed should be 3 to 4 sec

5. Use XML Sitemap.

6. Can you think of more mistakes that WordPress newbie’s make? If so, we would appreciate if you let us know in the comment area.